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Case Study - Developer - Celsius Developments
Executive Summary


Celsius had received a $15k+ proposal to upgrade their current infrastructure and move mail services into the cloud while paying ongoing IT support.

After careful analysis, we kept the current server but moved mail services to the cloud as part of our ongoing IT support service to increase accessibility and improve productivity for the staff.


With the implementation of cloud-based solutions, the change of internet provider and our pro-active IT support solutions we were able to produce following results:

  • 15k savings removing need for server

  • 10% increase in staff productivity   

  • 8% reduction of admin time



Celsius were concerned about their ageing infrastructure, the disk space was low, and they were quoted 15k to upgrade.



We identified that access to data and being 100% reliant on the server for mail and document storage was a great risk and in the event of a power outage or a disaster, nobody would have access to mail or documents and business would come to a halt.

They had experienced good reactive support from their existing IT provider but were looking for a proactive strategic approach to IT to support the growing business.


We tested the health of the 5-year-old server and as it was still suitable to run we took over the support and maintenance of the machine as well as cleaning it up.



As the server disk space was running out also, we’ve moved their core service to office 365 cloud collaboration tools including email.

As part of our managed IT service for all our clients, we implemented a yearly strategy IT plan, organised monthly and strategic CIO meetings. This will ensure the we keep IT costs at a minimum by anticipating and planning for changes and growth in the business.

Results & Return on Investment


As a result, Celsius saved over 15k as we didn’t upgrade the ageing infrastructure and we’ve moved mail services to the cloud as part of our monthly managed IT support fee.

We increased accessibility of data in real time from various locations and increased internet speed has improved staff productivity by 10%.

Through our strategic reduction of reactive support by implementing pro-active solution we reduce admin time and system downtime by an additional 6%.

We’ll investigate retiring the existing server when all services have been moved to the cloud and replace it with an economical desktop server solution at a fraction of the initially quoted solution.


“Thanks for being so organised and always having our best interest at heart. We can truly rely on you guys and are very grateful for the changes that you've brought to the table as our trusted IT partner.”



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