Delivering on a fresh start and new systems 

Case Study - Real Estate - Bellcourt Perth
Executive Summary


When we met Bellcourt they were in the process of becoming independent and needed help with setting up and structuring their mail and data services.

They were experiencing high costs across their internet, phone and IT support services and speed was slow and the current outsourced IT was lacking a pro-active and strategic direction.


With the implementation of cloud-based solutions, the change of phone and internet provider and our pro-active IT support solutions we were able to produce following results:


  • 10k savings removing need for server

  • 10% savings in their phone bill

  • 10% increase in staff productivity                                           

  • 8% reduction of admin time



The South-Perth office became independent and was expecting a large capital outlay with onsite infrastructure required. 

Internet performance was very poor, and their phone system was ageing while having high ongoing phone charges.

IT costs were already high with no pro-active planning with the potential of rising based on the prospect of running independently. 


Removing need for onsite server by implementing a combination of Office 365 and Drop Box for Business which allowed storing of data in the cloud and migrating to an online based property management system.

Implementation of a new phone system and change of provider for phones and internet.


We provide unlimited IT support to all employees at a fixed rate allowing for changes within the business. We actively plan solutions and anticipate problems as part of our strategic plan.

Results & Return on Investment


Savings of 10k+ for the initial set-up as all mail and data services are based online instead of investing in an onsite server.


Ongoing savings of % with the move to a different phone provider.


Accessibility of data in real time from various locations and increased internet speed has improved staff productivity by 10%.

Through our strategic reduction of reactive support by implementing pro-active solution we reduce admin time and system downtime by an additional 8%.


“There is no job too big or small and the service received has reflected this. Thank you for all you do for us at Bellcourt Property.”




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